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. ronald reagan. let's go -- i mean every single president, george h.w. bush. >> it's a brutal job. they all leave broken. >> i mean look at obama. he's not broken but his hair is graying. they visibly age. >> bill clinton is not broken. >> oh, wait, i forget. bill clinton is not broken. you know why bill clinton is not broken because he refused to leave. >> he won't leave. >> bill clinton still in the hangar, four months later. >> they're broken when they leave but rehabilitate themselves. even nixon, you couldn't leave more broken than nixon but he becomes this age of saddle river, having journalists out to dinner, rewriting history books. even nixon can come back. there is life after the presidency if you handle yourself. >> history is like one of the reasons this is all so much fun and i think so important ultimately, is remember the way the founders described i think washington described the senate as the saucer in which -- >> the tea cooled. >> the tea cooled. >> that's what history. it takes our friend michael, says a rule, you can't write about a president in full until 25
. >> and talk about the presidency, then you turn in and get what joe was talking about with george w. bush who can't think -- says he can't think of one. everyone in their own lives knows that you make mistakes all the time. all of us tell ourselves a story to explain those mistakes. >> john, the whole thing, he wasn't admitting a mistake. he was taking a perceived weakness of him, all fluff and no substance, and turning it upside down. he is saying i'm the guy getting the job you done but sorry -- i don't think there was weakness in that. >> he does believe this is a mistake. he's not playing a game here. >> jump in. >> joe? >> jon meacham, i want to follow up and underline what you said. i remember one time, again because i'm a dork, i was very young at the time, but i remember following the 1976 republican primary campaign. ronald reagan was asked a question out on the campaign trail, his response, i don't know. >> yeah. >> and everybody just sat there for a second and then they started applauding. it was some of reagan's people said it was a -- it was just a special moment that connected h
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last three presidents would be mitt romney, barack obama and george w. bush, three men who personally have very little love for politics, very little love for the sport of it all, very little love or understanding of the grand sweep of history, unlike say a bill clinton or a ronald reagan or an fdr. there just doesn't seem to be the joy in these guys either on the campaign trail or when they're governing. they seem to be -- well, at least the two that are running this time technocrats. >> they're competitive without being cheerful. i any what mark just said is exactly right, that politicians get in trouble when they act as though they're pundits or color commentators. you think about obama -- wandered into the truth but that editorial meeting in washington state in 2008 when he said reagan was transformative but clinton wasn't. >> nevada. >> reno. >> however true that might be, it was the wrong way to say it. >> you can't say it as a presidential candidate. >> the thing that really struck me about looking at romney in london was his lack of agility. it was this incredibly stiff presen
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out in 2000 and 2004, i think george w. bush in 2000, would -- early in the campaign it seems to me, i remember him going to one inner city stop after another inner city stop and we were all scratching our heads why are they doing it, they weren't doing it to win votes in the inner city, they were doing it to win votes in the philadelphia suburbs. >> because in the philadelphia suburbs they like a compassionate conservative which mitt romney has proved he's not this campaign. >> has he proven that? >> those primaries, i -- i think did it. but on the theory that 90% of life is showing up, it was a good thing to go. a good thing he went. he had the opportunity to show the nonindependent voter that he wasn't going to go all wobbly. the people he's still going to protect are people like him. and he -- right there in the lion's den he said i'm not going to protect you. >> jon meacham, you talked about historical trends, we both talked about how this duopoly of parties that's been around for 150 years is sure to crack, for a lot of younger americans it may be hard to believe, but african-ame
of the george w. bush years? >> oh, well, i think that would be one. th's like trd oy li. yoknowshs pro choi, p firmive tion i wodike s how tt play a the convtion and ye of urseshering the who bush foreign policy and the vul cans and all of that. ierioly dbte'll eret toha pot. dbt tre wile a d whe we sit arod ts tab a talkbout cdiice t ve pridenal nonee. 'll see. dav gregory, thanks very much. who do you have on sunday's "meet the press"? >> we've got senators kyle and durbin for the tax date for the llnd picp o o poticarountablon fini mitromn andhere it snds theumme caaign >> tnk y so ch fomin on eune, ank u asll. what you cumn thi morning? >> it's on penn state and joe paterno. >> that's -- i can't -- y thk itouldt gewors thanyou ry mh. > sll ead, tise othe crtivecls. auor rhardloa bres dn e mo innovative places. "morning joe" is back in a minute. yoknowhat love abouthisount? tck qstio loveverhing abo thicouny! cludg prosectc. you knowone pill each morning treats your frequent heartburn so you can enjoy all this great land of ours has to offer le deliti deres. andri thu weding sof yore o o
on the bailouts, a lot of the same things with detroit, he just would have. you know why? because george w. bush -- >> did a lot -- >> basically did the same things. he wouldn't have gone forward -- actually, he may have gone forward to health care because the "usa today" op-ed in 2009 told barack obama you need to have an vidindividual mandate. >> there's not a big difference between these two guys. for my republican friends that get mad when i say that, go look at his record. it's right there. he's not a conservative. >> look, i mean how he governed in massachusetts. the health care law was the predecessor for obama care, right? romney came in, inherited a bad economic situation, talked about how he had to turn it around which is what obama is doing. he raised fees rather than taxes. obama has not raised taxes yet. i mean there's a lot of actual parallels between how mitt romney operated in massachusetts and obama operates. i'm not saying they're the same people. they have a different perspective on government. >> and different world view. i think one of the important things about this speech
" accident, whether bill clinton after oklahoma city, george w. bush standing on the pile of rubble after 9/11, only a president can do what barack obama did and that is talk to those affected by such unspeakable tragedy and bring at least a little bit of comfort. >> yeah. i couldn't agree more. i think in terms of the gun control debate, steve rattner, one of the arguments mayor bloomberg has, is that -- and joe's point is well taken, it's always right after these events that everyone seizes the moment to jump on the debate. but the argument bloomberg has is that obama hasn't had this debate, that he has not taken this on. if not now, when? >> well, it's not an issue at the moment, but look, i agree with joe that there is a period of mourning, if you will, where it's probably not exactly the right time. i agree with joe and others who are saying it's not just a gun problem, it's a social problem, problem of identifying in the young kids those that may be problematic. there are 150 million guns out there, but i don't for the life of me understand what legitimate purpose anyone has for carry
to house republicans. former president george w. bush is making it perfectly clear he has no interest in joining the public discourse. in a recent interview with the hoover institution, bush talked about his role as a former president and why he is staying out of the public eye. >> i think it's bad for the presidency to have former presidents bloviating, opining or telling people how it ought to be done. eight years was awesome and i was famous and i was powerful and -- but i have -- i have no desire for fame and power anymore. i -- i don't want to undermine our president whoever is president, and a former president can do that. i think it's bad for the presidency itself. either you're in or out of politics and i've chosen to be out. you can't be halfway. given the environment with the blogs and this that and the other. i told -- pretty unattractive metaphor, i crawled out of the swamp. i'm not crawling back in. and, you know, i'm interested in politics. i'm a supporter of mitt romney. i hope he does well. but, you know, he can do well without me. >> the former president says he spend
in tampa. like folks like george w. bush and dick cheney, sarah palin, donald trump, herman cain and newt gingrich and rick santorum. what will romney do with these folks who have a following in the gop but for swing voters may be somewhat provocative or even toxic. so they got to consider that. some of the options being thought about are video tributes, stuff that is offsite, but not prime time convention speeches. that's what they're trying to avoid is, giving some of the folks sort of mike in prime time. this is one of the challenges the party is dealing with. they want to keep the focus on romney and his running mate, whoever that will be, but a lot of folks in the party who have a following who will want to have some kind of spotlight down there in tampa. >> sam stein. >> it's a great piece and i'm wondering what behind the scenes is happening between the romney campaign and the faction, the leadership, whatever it is for the senator rand paul and ron paul who had been promising to have a sharp influence on the convention including on the platform process? >> i think there's going to
he is. >> we heard this about george h.w. bush, his move telling him stop talking about himself and he still drives his wife crazy because he won't talk about himself enough. is it fair to say romney is a bit the same way? >> i think it's very fair to say it's the same way. it a political problem because we don't know, to go back to a topic we had earlier, how much has the obama campaign defined romney successfully in a negative way. one of the things that defines you to be defined in a negative way is if you can't talk about yourself in a positive way. he's a blank canvas to people. not many americans know him. instead of filling in that picture for the electorate, he's allowed to some extent have the obama campaign do it for him in a way that is not favorable to him. >> rick haass, going overseas, what should he avoid and what should he accomplish? >> he wants to keep the focus on the economy. that's the main theme of the campaign. this is a little off message. it's always tricky for someone to go overseas and talk about the president's foreign policy. it looks a little disloy
has a town hall in grand junction, colorado. george w. bush hasn't been on a national ballot in eight years but his tax cuts are front and center. the president opens up a new attack against mitt romney trying to drive a wedge between the middle class tax cuts and tax breaks for the rich. >> it's time to let the tax cuts for the wealthiest
dallas morning news" says there's a daunting challenge ahead for the george w. bush presidential center as it attempts to archive its first administration entirely from the internet era. staffers that have the job of sorting through ç200 million emails some which will be made available to the public. >> you don't think about that. >> a lot of smu grad students who can do that. >> but not only that the internet, ten years. >> "new york times" the youth movement that rallied around president obama in 2008 may not thereabout this time around. according to the "times," first file voters are less enthusiastic about getting him re-elected and more likely four years ago to i've themselves as conservative because they i've themselves as unemployed. >> the 18 to 24, the people like alex wagner, they are more conservative. 25 to 30s are more like me. >> the door in the floor will open up. >> here's one mica would have picked from the "times." soda makers are pushing back in new york. lobbyists from coca-cola and other companies are beginning an grief campaign to fight the city's restrictions on
more in the debates than george w. bush did. he did not end up winning the election. >> debates matter but they're not everything. he is right, the debates this particular campaign season are going to be, i think, influential. people want to see these two guys, the president and mitt romney, together, talking about the issues, laying out some of their plans. mitt romney has been specific on paper but he hasn't been specificin public and speaking. j.r., i want to know, did you guys consider syria/russia on this list? >> sure. i think any sort of major national security, foreign policy event that you can't plan for or even kind of major domestic issue that you can't plan for. that can be a variety of things across the world. and here, every four years we invariably have something like that and there's no prediction what it's going to be or what the political impact is going to be. don't forget, four years ago there was that moment in august when russia invaded georgia. and that was part of the reason why biden was put on the ticket because at the moment, foreign policy was seen in august
unanswerable. but why has this president and the past president, george w. bush, been seemingly so afraid to use the word, we have to sacrifice, the word sacrifice. you know, have they never gone back and listened to franklin roosevelt in the '30s? why are they so afraid of us? >> because the last president to do that in an explicit way was jimmy carter who is now regarded as the very epitome of he's a bummer. he asked us to sacrifice, used the word malaise, we don't do that as president anymore. >> goes back to the notion of national service. if you wrap it up to what we can do for our country people would step up and say i'm in. count me in. >> yeah. >> well, why won't the republicans count themselves in on this, just even temporarily, until there's some sort of deal? >> i think most importantly they feel that the economy -- we need some certainty. >> is this going to hurt the economy? >> well, they're for permanent extension of the bush tax cuts which have been in place for a while. president clinton has talked about extension of the bush tax cuts. senate -- number of senate democrats
he was able to do with george w. bush. is his power now doubled, tripled, tenfold given what he can do with t system now? >> it's so much broader. bush's success at fund-raising was about bundling. rove and ed gillespie looked at mccain-feingold and said we are in trouble without some changes. now with the koch brothers, the chamber of commerce, rove having a billion dollars to spend on the election. >> when i came in as chairman and a lot of people with the narrative in washington is about fund-raising and all of that. my first call with a major donor, i'm giving to rove's group. i said, you can give to rove's group and our group. that's the reality for the political parties. these entities. citizens united. >> it's frightening. >> they can have a bigger impact bit boils down to this. the bottom line is the ground game. that's where they don't get to play yet. i suspect down the road, they will. watch for that. >> it's also, i think, scary because as much as we express concern about past negative campaigns and goodness knows we can think of them, there was a degree of accountabilit
, the foreign policy where the united states is engaged as george w. bush said in 2005, in the second inaugural address, all four corners of the globe, quote, to end tyranny. it's just not going to happen and we're going to bankrupt ourself, tom friedman, trying. >> couple things. one, i personally believe and felt we have four choices in afghanistan. lose early, lose late, lose big or lose small. i would like to lose early and small and -- because there's no win that's going to happen there, number one number two, we're going from an era where for 50 years this is an exaggeration, but generally speaking to be a president, college president, mayor or governor was unbalanced to give things away to people. entering an era to be a president, college president, mayor governor is going to be take things away from people. as the congressman says, you can grow without a plan, but you better not cut without a plan. if i want to lose weight i can lose weight quickly cutting off both thumbs. might have a little trouble getting my next computing job. how we cut now, i think is one of the most important th
the already dismal 11% george w. bush picked up in 2004. romney speaks today as less about the probably impossible task of moving african-american vote nears his column than it is about making his candidacy more appealing to w
this obama campaign to the 1988 willie horton campaign that george h.w. bush put on and also about a campaign of 2004 where we're talking about mitt romney and him being a millionaire and outsourcing jobs. they are creating a narrative. the one thing flpolitically you have to give them credit for is they're getting the president out there and keeping him going pretty darn well in july. >> they are, joe. those past campaigns in the presidency that were really aggressive in the early months in the last several cycles in june, july, may, set the cement on the picture in framing the election early on were the campaigns that went on to win. democrats look back at the kerrey campaign and say we're not going to do that again, we're going to be aggressive and put the pedal to the metal and not let up. >> john heilemann, craig shirley yesterday e-mailed me and said when he played basketball in college a million years ago, he said his coach always told him that november games were won in september. a very good point. you prepare, you prepare, you prepare. we saw this and certainly saw this in the 1988
Search Results 0 to 34 of about 35 (some duplicates have been removed)